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      My advice: Start early Make as much of it yourself as you can Prioritize. We got married years ago and had 250-300 guests and did not spend near that (not including our wedding rings & honeymoon). We sat down and figured out what we really wanted and devoted the largest part of our budget to that. We got a professional photographer. We still hunted for bargains, but we got great pictures! (at a bargain) Get married on a day other than Saturday (MOST EXPENSIVE DAY). Try a Friday night or Sunday afternoon. A holiday is great too. People are already off work and some churches are already decorated, depending on the date. (Think Easter, Mother’s Day). Make your own invitations, maps, Thank You cards, etc. Use disposable cameras (just a regular Fuji – green ones – great film); not the “wedding white” ones – way overpriced. Let the guests take some pictures. Do you know anyone who can help with __________________? Ask! Let a friend bake a cake or favors. That can be their gift to you. Borrow things. Start shopping now for shoes. A simple pair of white leather shoes can be worn for the wedding and dyed later for wearing to other occasions, incl. work. Rent your wedding dress. Ask for one on Freecycle. Go to a place like David’s Bridal – try on a variety of styles. Then, go buy your dress elsewhere. D.B. is quite pricey from my experience. I got my own dress from JCPenney. It is breathtaking (to use my husband’s words). Get married “off
      season” – not during proms or summertime. Buy your napkins online. Get only enough for each guest. Use plain ones (at the grocery store – in white) for serving and meals. Limit the food selections – one meat, one pasta, one veggie dish. Make what you can. Or find a place that will give you a good deal. Don’t serve T-bones to everyone. You can find something between T-Bone and ground chuck and still serve a nice, elegant meal for the wedding. Don’t serve dinner. Have the reception around lunch (serve brunch – type foods); or even just serve assorted desserts. (Wedding cake, cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, fancy decorated cookies, etc.) Buy regular pantyhose. I got several pair and never did wear any. That dress was HOT!!!!!! Nobody will remember if she wears white hose with embroidery or
      not. Make her purse. My Mom made a beautiful one for me with a pearl handle and satin fabric. I still have it and use it for special outings. Make her veil. Easy to do if you can sew or know someone who does. The materials are really inexpensive. Make the floral bouquets. We got DIY videos at the library and did all of the flowers and boutennieres. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HTH, Herlean wrote: Hi There to all! My daughter is getting married this summer and would like a big wedding… however I am a single
      Mom and don’t have the means to have a big wedding.. so… I would like to stay within about 3000 dollars… eeekk I know that with the prices today that isn’t much. So… help ideas needed!!! Thanks a bunch in advance! Debbie

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Good Morning! Wedding Plans needed!