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      First and foremost, set her down, and give her a hard budget. Tell

      her you will contribute $3,000 to the wedding.

      When my brother got married last fall, they had a big meeting with

      all the parents, and some grandparents who were willing to help with

      the budget as well.

      The parents and the couple got a chance to see a realistic amount of

      money, and everyone knew ahead of time who would be helping with


      So, get together with the future husband, and his parents, and

      everyone hash out who can contribute what.

      Long gone are the days where the parents of the bride are expect to

      pay for the entire wedding.

      You’ll probably be able to get some ideas on who will be able to

      help out where.

      Also, use contacts and family to find ways to cut the costs. Do

      either families have photographers in the family? If so, ask if they

      are willing to take the pictures in lieu of a gift, and provide the

      negatives to the couple so they can print up what they want.

      Does anyone know how to decorate cakes? Maybe you can get someone to

      donate the cake as a gift.

      For our wedding, a family friend donated the cake- it was a 4 tier

      standard wedding cake. My FIL and my aunt are both photographers, so

      they took all of the pictures.

      Family helped out with the food, so we didn’t have to get a caterer.

      I went to a floral design school for 2 years, so I did all my own

      flowers with artificial flowers. I was able to get them wholesale

      through my step-mother’s business (she ran a paint/sign shop, but

      held a wholesale license that was useable when we went into a flower


      Check with family members who might belong to clubs- the Moose,

      Eagles, VFW, etc- because most of the time, those clubs have some

      sort of a room available for banquets, which members can rent

      cheaper. We got our local American Legion hall for only $50. Now,

      granted, that was almost 10 years ago, but my brother had his

      reception there as well this past fall, and paid out $75 for the

      hall, was all. We just had to clean it up that night, because in the

      morning, they had a regular pancake breakfast.

      For the dress, have her shop around a LOT, and rummage clearance &

      discontinued racks. These days, she could likely find a dress that

      would blow the budget completely just there.

      In the end, you just really need to stress to her that she can have

      a good wedding, but that she has got to stay within her budget.

      At a family meeting, layout who is providing what in a budget plan.

      List who will take care of what charges- who wants to deal with the

      hall, the food, the dress, the flowers, the decoration, etc.

      Lay out specifically the money, though. If the groom’s family can

      contribute $1500, add that to the budget. If the bride & groom

      themselves can contribute to getting the dress themselves, then add


      The bottom line is- you can’t shoulder it by yourself, so ask for


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      > Hi There to all!

      > My daughter is getting married this summer and would like a


      > wedding… however I am a single Mom and don’t have the means to

      have a big wedding..

      > so… I would like to stay within about 3000 dollars… eeekk I

      know that

      > with the prices today that isn’t much. So… help ideas needed!!!

      Thanks a bunch

      > in advance!


      > Debbie




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