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      I am a newbie, having found this site on FB, and have enjoyed the reading, tried a few suggestions, and decided to join. I have learned a few good tricks, especially since we will be moving again soon due to building problems and will have to be very very frugal because our rent will almost double. I will be making my own laundry soap, dishwasher pellets, and dog treats.

      the used coffee grounds to put the color back into my hair works great, now if I can find a way to make my own gas for the car,lol. my screen name is pjmarylee, and its a pleasure to meet all of you. please feel free to ask me or share anything you think will be helpful as we go forward with moving in the next few months.showered with love

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      Hi Pjmarylee, when you come up with a way to make your own gas.. please let me know. that one would be awesome!

      I’m a newbie also and I have really enjoyed reading all the tips and tricks to save money. I recently moved to a very small town in Texas and although my rent didn’t double, I quit my job to move her and do not intend on working outside of the home. Anything that can help me save money is Awesome!

      Welcome and very nice to meet you.

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      Tina, I do a lot of crocheting, that, when I get a good supply of washcloth and Disneyworld done, I will be selling the sets on may I suggest you go to amazon and download some free books on working from home? I mean it’s not an income to live off of completely, but some will help.

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Board Rules & Regs Rules & Regs! good morning everyone