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      –I am so sorry to hear of your misfortune. I have walked inyour

      shoes and it is no fun at all and very devastating. Things will get

      better..I know that no matter how much you make it is never enogh

      though. Maybe Iam still digging out I takes a long while

      for a family to recover but you become very resourceful.

      My son who is 23, is going thrugh very tough times now. His wife is

      pregnant and due next month. They are living in the house we own but

      cannot live in because we had to move for my employment and now rent

      at a very high price. The house has a leaking roof and the living

      room and one bedroom ceiling has collasped and they have no electic.

      They have a cell phone and water..both of which I pay for

      them..neither one is employed right now and welfare will not help

      them nor any other agency will help them. I don’t know what they are

      gonna do when they have the baby..I can’t have that many people

      leivinig in my house ..landlord thingy you know. Any way I keep

      telling them it will get better and it always does eventually.

      my thoughts are with you.- Think positive!


      “J Diane

      Northcutt” wrote:


      > I just wanted to say that everyone who has gotten ( or will be

      getting) a stimulus check is pretty fortunate. Evan if there is a

      wait involved.

      > Our family did not qualify to get one and we have three children

      still at home. You see my husband had a heart attack at the tail end

      of 2006. He was out of work for the entire year of 2007. We lived off

      unemployment for the first six months, after that we started selling

      our possesions.

      > I could hardly believe that families like us , the one’s who

      desperately needed it the most, were excluded. Evan though hubby is

      back a work now ( much smaller pay) , it was too little too late. We

      were in such a hole and the new income is so little that we were

      forced into bankruptcy. Our home is in the forclosure process, we

      have to be out by October. And top it all off, the government gives

      this help to damn near everyone but us.


      > Diane

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