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      I appreciate the advice and encouragement that some of you have
      expressed about our situation. Our church has come to our rescue. They
      have given us a lot of emotional and monetary support.

      When we move out of our
      home , we are moving into a home that belongs to a family in our church.
      The home originally belongedto the husbands father. The father passed
      away in 2001. They have no intentions of dealing with renters so they
      have done nothing with the house.

      They let another church member who had
      financial problems live there rent free for four years. We can now live
      there rent free, we just pay the annual property tax , fora couple of
      Anyway, we won’t be homeless. Inspite of rent free ,
      we are still very financially tight .

      Hubby is on expensive heart meds and our
      income is very low.I was just expressing frustration that the stimulus
      checks are bypassing some families that truly need them and going to a
      lot of folks that don’t need them. As I stated in another post , we did
      file a 2007return.The whole stimulus thing is not based on need or


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