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      ~ cheap, if you dont require anything special


      ~ In our personal experience, they Will tell you whatever you want to hear when you are switching from another company, whether they can fulfill it or not.

      ~ Very Limited knowledge of FrontPage and how to properly set up front page extensions. On several sites they claimed their permissions issues were the problem of FP not the hosting server.

      ~ Absolutely no help on dedicated servers. Security level is ‘0’

      ~ Tech support is long distance & they will keep you on the phone as long as they can while they “research” the issue

      General Overall Opinion:

      Go Daddy is fine for the first time web hosting account, if you have a small family site or don’t need anything special, unique, or otherwise requiring thought, simply a space to hold files.

      Aside from that, seek an account elsewhere!

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      I would have to agree – basic hosting at basic hosting prices.

      That said, they kick butt on domains and registration. I’ve collected quite a few GoDaddy coupon codes as I do a lot of domain registrations – try these for size:

      emma1 = 10% off any order
      emma2 = 20% off any order >30USD
      emma3 = .com domain for 7.49USD (new and renewals)
      emma4 = domain for 2.70GBP for the first year
      emma25 = 25% off any order >100USD
      emma30 = 30% off .com domains (new and renewals)
      emma35 = .com domain for 3.50GBP
      emma50 = 50% off domains

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      Personally, We Hate GoDaddy and their lousy service. Be very careful registering domains with them, they have a tendency to pull sites out from underneath the people who RIGHTFULLY own them. Read their scary little contract word for word, or you may lose one of your domains (or 3!) like we did. Hence rather than – which was stolen from us after 6 years of owning it and building it up.

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      I can understand that – personally, I’ve never had a problem (touch wood), but I’m always on the lookout for bad service.

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      Is there is place you would recommend for a small business owner??

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      Personally, for small biz folks, I find Joyent (Joyent: Welcome to Joyent) to be very good – I use them for hosting normally and they’re excellent.

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      Awesome!! I will check them out!! Thank you so much!!

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      In all honesty, we wouldn’t utilize GoDaddy if they offered us 5 Years of Free Hosting.

      LOL, I’d rather pay for it than have my site stolen again. With that said, it really depends on what type of site you want/need and what your hosting needs are.

      I recommend (and use) 1&1. I’ve used them for years and have 17 different sites in all between my own and my clients sites.

      It’s easy to transfer current domain names to the account, change dns settings, etc.

      It is dirt cheap to set up an account, secondly, they bill 1x every 3 months on most of their pkgs.

      Customer service is excellent, prices are excellent and they will walk newbies through most everything.

      Hosting starts at $3.99 per month and right now they are running a special on domains.

      If you don’t Know how to design a site they have free layouts.

      Love’m Love’m Love’m. :055: And you can bet your rear I don’t say things like that very often.

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      I just sent my hubby an email with 1&1 information and he is checking it out. Thanks for the wonderful tip, I’ll let you know – again thanks it does sound like a great site!!

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      I’m using GoDaddy at the moment…have for 4 years now with 2 domains also registered through them. Before them I had a great host but I cant for the life of me remember their name which doesn’t matter as the reason I left them was they were closing. GoDaddy doesnt hold a candle to them though but I havent really had too many problems with them.

      I have a graphic design website and I also run a forum under another domain which at times I notice it gets slow which doesnt make me or my members happy. I will say they are very quick to respond to problems or at least have been with me. But all in all I don’t have many complaints with GoDaddy…..yet!


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