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      So I’ve found the cat in the act of chewing on our Lucky Bamboo plant leaves. Are there any good ways to make the cat stop without hurting the plant or cat in the process?

      (Sorry if this is in the wrong area but it pertains to keeping things away from plants*)

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      My cat use to do that during the winter months also. I have kept her from doing by putting the plants up higher, of course a cat loves to climb 🙂 so this might not work depending on your cat. I also planted some grass in a plastic container and once it started growing really well I have it sitting down in her area. She will chew on it and leave my bamboo alone now. Don’t know if this will work for your cat, but it might be worth a try.

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      Kim – I’ve heard this recommended before. From what they said (on animal planet) it usually works very well and keeps kitty entertained.

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      Thank you, I’ll have to try this, there’s some green grass still outside..

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