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      GNATS    Posted by: “maria” scootsandjd    Date: Thu Jul 17, 2008 6:20 am ((PDT))
      I have Gnats all over my plants and have no idea why they are attractedto my plants or how to get rid of them~help!
      About those dang gnats:  We were inundated after bring home somefresh fruit from our local green grocers.  I appealed for help on severallists, and this was the absolution solution!
      Raid your cupboards for the following:small dishes, such as single-serving pudding dishesripe fruit, riper the bettervinegarsaran-wrap type stuffa small sharp knife.
      Take fruit, cut several thick slices, or pieces, of juicy fleshPlace fruit in bowl.  Cover fruit with vinegar making sure there is space between liquid and top of dish.
      Cover dish securely with saran-wrapMake some smallish slits in the top of the tight saran wrap.
      The pesky gnats will flock to the aroma, crawl in through the slits andthen be unable to get back out.  
      We have found that it takes several days for the gnats to really zone in.We had dishes around kitchen and living room.
      Also, it was also recommended that we spray Lysol over the top of ourplants, letting the mist fall down atop them.  It will kill gnats and mold,and not hurt the plant.
      Hope this helps.  It did wonders for us and the plants.
      hona . . . lett

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