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      I cannot have nearly every kind of grain, including quinoa, wheat, oats, and flax. I also cannot have white potatoes or any dairy of any kind. All of the gluten free baking and bread recipes use potato flour or starch.

      Is there a substitution I can use? I use sorghum, tapioca and rice flours with some success but not great. Thanks!

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      Have you tried arrow root powder to thicken with? I can have corn but my daughter can not so I’ve been thicken with arrowroot powder. I also love millet.

      Makes awesome hot breakfast cereal.

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      I have not tried arrow root powder, but I will. Do you substitute the same quantities?
      I also cannot have millet….

      Thanks for the info though!

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      Arrowroot powder is twice the thickening power of wheat flour and, because it contains no protein, is gluten free. Hope this helps in your recipe endeavors!

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      mos, how does arrow root compare to potato starch for thickening? I would like to experiment with some breads. And thanks!

      This is such a learning curve.

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      Potato starch is a refined starch used to add moisture and texture in gluten free baked goods. Use arrow root much like you would use corn starch. That is, use a one-to-one ratio — for every cup of liquid that you want to thicken, use one tbs arrow root to one tbs water (broth, wine, etc.).

      You can use it to coat meat/fish for sautéing, but I really don’t recommend this use (I’ve never had success with this…I’ll spare you the horror stories — I spent six months experimenting [on someone else’s dollar]). Stick with using it as a thickening agent. However, here is a link that I found that may be useful — I found it very educational!


      It offers a bunch of recipes in varying categories for people with concerns that are interested in using arrow root: Calories in Arrowroot – Mr. Christie Arrowroot Biscuits | Nutrition and Health Facts
      I so hope that this helps;-D I plan to go back and explore a bit more…don’t be thrown off by the name of the link as you will find quite a bit of information here!

      I went there to see what it had to say about biscuits and was quite surprised! LOL!

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      Thank you so much for this information! I foresee experimentation, albeit on my dime!

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      I have the same issues. I use Xanthan Gum (Now Pharmaceuticals has a pure, corn free variety) to imitate the binding of gluten, and I mix finely ground nut flours. Coconut is especially light, but almond can be mealy when used for breads.

      What about soy flour, or other bean flours? My experience with arrowroot is good, but a little goes a long way. I’ve spent quite a bit on mistakes early-on myself.

      I buy my flours in bulk at the local Co-op so they are cheaper. Take detailed notes, and freeze any mistakes. They can be used in meatloafs, as stuffing, pie crust, etc with some research and you have time to think about what to do with them.

      You may even invent an awesome new recipe. B)

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Dietary Concern Recipes Gluten free recipes without potato flour or starch