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      Most insurance companies will supply you with a meter and the test

      strips if you’re diagnosed with type 2. If you don’t have insurance,

      check with your local hospital and see if they will supply you with the

      supplies. Also, your local health department may be of some help.

      Most hospitals now have a diabetes education department where you can

      get information. Type 2 diabetes is at epidemic stages so there is

      usually some help if you can look around. If your in a small town

      area, check with a larger town near you.

      I know I turned in 2 meters that I had to our diabetes education unit

      at the hospital so they could give them to someone who didn’t have

      insurance or needed one badly. My insurance sends me a new one every 2

      years. I have to test 5 to 6 times a day since I”m on insulin. If you

      have any questions that you think I may know the answer to, feel free

      to email me anytime Ann.


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