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      Did I miss a post? Is there someone out there who needs a meter?

      — In, “Phyllis Hart”



      > Most insurance companies will supply you with a meter and the test

      > strips if you’re diagnosed with type 2. If you don’t have


      > check with your local hospital and see if they will supply you

      with the

      > supplies. Also, your local health department may be of some


      > Most hospitals now have a diabetes education department where you


      > get information. Type 2 diabetes is at epidemic stages so there


      > usually some help if you can look around. If your in a small town

      > area, check with a larger town near you.

      > I know I turned in 2 meters that I had to our diabetes education


      > at the hospital so they could give them to someone who didn’t have

      > insurance or needed one badly. My insurance sends me a new one

      every 2

      > years. I have to test 5 to 6 times a day since I”m on insulin.

      If you

      > have any questions that you think I may know the answer to, feel


      > to email me anytime Ann.

      > Phyllis


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