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      What about scrapbooking? Most stores that specialize in scrapbooking

      have night “crops” or “scraps” for a low cost or free. You bring in

      your stuff, sit down, and spend the evening making scrap book pages.

      You have to pay for anything like stickers, paper, or embelishments

      you use, but they let you use things like rulers, siccsors, paper

      punchs, etc, for free.

      Do you guys have a Coldstone Creamery near you? You guys could go

      and make your own ice cream up before going to crop, or afterwards.

      Maybe check with local schools for choir concerts or plays, and go

      see a show together. They’ll be much cheaper than going to a

      professional show, and they can be very good (or funny!).

      Find a beauty school near you, and have everyone go in to get a

      facial. Beauty schools are much cheaper than a regular salon, and

      facials cna be so very relaxing. you can usually get it done for

      around $10. The students do the work, but they are 2nd year

      students, and are always supervised.

      If no one is pregnant, or once they are no-longer pregant, you guys

      could all go ice skating at an arena, followed up by hot cocoa or

      coffee somewhere. You could also try it with roller skating instead

      of ice skating.

      As a busy mom of 3, I would recommend maybe making it a once a month

      event for the moms to get out of the house, kid free, to do

      something together. It doesn’t have to be big and fancy- just being

      kid free for an evening can be relaxing.

      Me and some of my non-mom friends used to get together every

      Thursday to make dinner together (or get take out), and watch the

      Thursday night shows like Friends together. We called it Friends


      We would each contribute towards dinner, then sit around watching tv

      and laughing together. it was sooo relaxing for me to be out of the

      house and away from the kids like that each week. and, if we were

      broke, i just used something from the pantry to contribute towards


      — in, Suzanne Fesmire Gibbons



      > I live in the suburbs of Boston. One of the moms is

      > pregnant, and the other is nursing, so there will be

      > mostly virgin drinks involved! We don’t have a cheap

      > movie theater nearby, but there is a coffee house. I

      > suppose an alternative would be to just get

      > appetizers. I think we’ll save the “Girls Night IN”

      > until my friend has her baby and can’t get out as

      > easily.


      > Suzanne


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