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      I dont know where you live…but we like to go wine tasting. It is free!!!!! and we always have alot of fun.

      (make sure you have a driver..there is usually one who is prego at the i live in a small town of 2400 people but we have 13 wineries… a 5 mile radius. Very relaxing places and during the week very quiet…..until we get there of course! lol


      also meet at one persons house….(who has their children somewhere else)….and have a pedicure party!!! i have 5 friends who we have been together for 30 years since kindergarten so doing each other toes is no big deal…LOL

      Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 20:48:25 +0000
      Subject: : Girls Night Out

      Two of my friends and I (all moms of toddlers) are planning a Girls
      Night Out in a couple weeks. This is a rare occurence for us. I’m
      trying to come up with something to do that won’t cost much money, as
      we’re all on tight budgets.

      It would be very relaxing to go out to
      dinner and have an uninterrupted meal and adult conversation…but that
      can get pricey. Any ideas? We don’t want to stay out TOO late, because
      the munchkins wake us up early in the morning.


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