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      I might be a little late here, but thought I would throw my thoughts

      out there.

      I used to go to Shari’s after work and just have a piece of pie and an

      ice tea while visiting with co workers. A few times when there were 5

      of us there, we bought a whole pie, and drinks, and split the cost up

      at the end. I like Shari’s because it has a good variety of desserts

      and other foods, and if you each do your own checks, you can limit your

      own spending to your budget while others do the same.

      If there are three of you, you could eat dinner a little early, and hit

      a pizza place to have a small snack type meal. Maybe buy a medium 3

      topping pizza (most places that is under $15) to split while hanging


      You could all get trial memberships at a gym (only if you are able to

      cancel before paying regular prices) and go there…. lol…. i know

      that one sounds fun doesn’t it?

      you could pack some drinks and put on your walking shoes. find a track

      that is public accessible (at a school maybe), or maybe a park if there

      are any walking trails, window shopping at the mall would even work.

      you could even make a weekly or bi weekly event of all meeting up with

      the kids to walk. it would be nice to have some adult conversation, and

      it would be great for your body 🙂

      i hope you have or had lots of fun!


      — in, “pseuzanne” wrote:


      > Two of my friends and I (all moms of toddlers) are planning a Girls

      > Night Out in a couple weeks. This is a rare occurence for us. I’m

      > trying to come up with something to do that won’t cost much money, as

      > we’re all on tight budgets. It would be very relaxing to go out to

      > dinner and have an uninterrupted meal and adult conversation…but


      > can get pricey. Any ideas? We don’t want to stay out TOO late,


      > the munchkins wake us up early in the morning.


      > Suzanne

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