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      1 cup sugar

      1/2 cup chopped crystallized ginger

      3 cups sweetened chocolate drink mix powder

      3 cups hazelnut flavored non-dairy powdered coffee creamer

      2 cups French vanilla flavored non-dairy powdered coffee creamer

      1 tablespoon ground ginger

      1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

      1 teaspoon salt

      In work bowl of food processor fitted with the chopping blade, combine

      sugar and crystallized ginger. Process until ginger is VERY finely

      minced. Add remaining ingredients and blend well. (Process in

      half-batches, if necessary.) Store in airtight container.

      Makes about 9 cups.

      To serve: Place 1/4 cup cocoa mix in mug. Add 1 cup boiling water. Stir

      to dissolve.

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