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      I personally think that the $10 for school supplies should be

      forgotten about at this point. By this time of year, most kids have

      what they need, unless it is a one time deal and there would be no

      way of knowing specifically what would be needed for later in the

      year projects.

      My suggestions would be an inexpensive hair straightener (they are so

      handy for all hair types), a nice coat if you can find one on

      clearance that is in style, snuggly boots like the tan ones with

      white fur inside, a nice hat and scarf, a few different “layering”

      tees in different styles and colors, slipper socks (those really soft

      ones), journals, I personally would also see a gift basket of Aussie

      shampoo/conditioner and other hair stuff from that line going over

      really well also.

      I would stay away from makeup since it is such a specific thing to

      get the right colors to match girls you do not know.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “pseuzanne” wrote:


      > My father is sponsoring a family for Christmas, but has asked me to


      > the shopping. There are two children, girls ages 17 and 14. I don’t

      > know much about what kids like after about age 5, so I’m lost! If

      > these are the only gifts these kids will receive, I’d really like


      > to be something they’ll enjoy.


      > The agency recommends the following breakdown, per child:

      > $20 – clothing item

      > $20 – toy (or teenage equivalent!)

      > $10 – school supplies


      > Both parents are to get a $20 practical gift too. I’m thinking


      > fleece pullovers for them (we’re in New England).


      > Any ideas about what to get the girls? Other than makeup, what are

      > teenage girls into these days?


      > Thanks,

      > Suzanne

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Gifts for 17 & 14 y.o. girls