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      our itunes is connected directly to my checking account..so far my daughter has been okay. She buys abotu 1-2 songs per week at 1.08 with tax per song. She can play them off her computer or download to her Ipod or when we go on a trip she dowloads to a disc and we take in the car. We usually dont buy a whole CD as there is usually only a few songs she wants so it does save money. Only time we get a whole cd (for 9.99 instead of 12.99 at a store) is if it is somethign i want. You can have I think 3 different ipods on one accoutn..which is good since she is on her 3rd ipod…lol (she saves her own money since she doesnt “game” or anythgin ..music is her vice..that and cellphones) We dont have tv so occassionally she will download a Video to her ipod at 1.99 per video.


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      you are right, I told my kids that families have gotten hit with large fines for using Limewire and sites like it. That doesn’t seem to affect them as much as losing computer priveledges. But it worried me!

      Along these lines, does anyone know if there are sites that are legal but you don’t pay per song? That really adds up. I’m thinking a membership type deal might be more economical, especially when there is more than one MP3 in a house.


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      Not to mention sites like Limewire are not legal- you’re also
      opening yourself up to potential lawsuits.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Gifts for 17 & 14 y.o. girls