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      Not to mention sites like Limewire are not legal- you’re also

      opening yourself up to potential lawsuits.

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      > alot of kids use free downloading sites such as Limewire. I know

      my girls were using it every chance they got. I would uninstall it

      from the computer, they’d put it back on until I finally banned them

      from using the computer at all. These sites are a hotbed for

      viruses. I’ve been without my home computer over a month now due to

      it crashing from a virus. I finally get it tomorrow. They guy who

      fixed it said he’s pretty sure it was Limewire or something like it

      that left us vulnerable.


      > I’m not computer saavy enough to understand all the details, but I

      already told my girls if anyone uses one of these sites, they will

      be banned from the computer except for school projects (and under my

      supervision) for well into the future.


      > but, it is true about cds, i don’t know hardly any kids who

      purchase them anymore. they all download.



      > donna



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      > from: suzanne fesmire gibbons

      > date: 2007/12/13 Thu AM 07:42:52 CST

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      > Subject: Budget101.com : Re: Gifts for 17 & 14 y.o. girls



      > > Anymore, the cheap CD players are not good for

      > > kids, most kids I know burn MP3’s and most of the

      > > inexpensive CD players will not play them.


      > But don’t you have to pay to download songs onto an

      > MP3 player? And have a computer at home to do that? I

      > want to make sure not to give a gift that requires

      > resources they might not have.


      > Suzanne


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