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      I use the jars for carrying salad dressing and condiments to work for


      I am currently collecting jars to make a magnetic spice rack. The

      racks sell in stores for $40 or more for 10 -12 small cannisters that

      magnetically attach to a metal plate attached to the wall. I used two

      large sheet magnets and glued them vinyl side to each other. One side

      attaches to the refrigerator (freezer door or side of fridge if

      exposed)and the other side is free to attach the baby food jars full

      of spices. The metal lid clings to the magnet and the clear jar allows

      me to see my spices. I printed out small circular labels with the name

      of the spice and adhere it to the bottom, which is clearly visible

      when attached to the magnet. I also used permanent marker to write on

      the lid the name of the spice. The magnet on the fridge can also hold

      metal measuring spoons.

      I use the plastic baby food containers to hold pins, needle, snaps,

      and buttons that I use for sewing.

      You could make snow globes out of the jars.

      You can make seeding pots for your garden using the plastic ones with

      holes poked in the bottom.

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