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      Hi everyone,

      I’m not going to quote anyone because several asked for ideas.
      Since there are people from many cultures on the list, I’m going
      to speak to everyone without mentioning specific holidays. If
      you can use these ideas, super. I hope you’ll find them as
      special as the people for whom I created these gifts:

      1) Make wall hangings. These are super for kids with a good
      sense of humor or a favorite theme in their lives, but as well,
      they can be made for any number of people in your lives.
      When you have a really tight budget, you can make a number
      of these as gifts for around US$2-3 a person.

      Decide what size the hanging will be, and buy a dowel that’s at
      least 2 inch longer than the width you’d like the hanging to be.
      If you’re really strapped, get small rings that can be used to
      suspend these hangings from two nails instead of one.

      These work well in burlap, and burlap comes in a variety of colors,
      so you can measure the length plus two inches for the hanging.

      Next, decide what colors of felt you’d like, and buy a batch of the
      colors in squares.

      Consider the age and the likes, and go from there, creating your
      own designs and lettering out of the felt. Fringe the base of the
      burlap simply by removing the threads at the bottom. Stitch the
      top of the hanging with enough loop to slip the dowel through or
      stitch the rings at each end on the top.

      To give you an idea of how creative these can be, one year, I
      made a friend one of these hangings. She had been stressed,
      and I did hers in natural burlap with orange, yellow and white as
      the colors. In the center, I stitched *and* glued at one end, a
      braid I’d made from yarn of the same colors. I tied the braid at
      the other end, leaving fringe on it, and the lettering I made (just
      a simple block lettering) read, “When you reach the end of your
      rope, tie a knot and hang on.” For the most part, I’ve stuck to
      clich?ed sayings, and these hangings have always been hits
      when I’ve done them. Use your imagination, or go with the tried
      and true, but they’re super gifts and can keep you very much in
      your budget.

      You can theme these as well for holidays or even for birthdays.

      2) Family gifts are often a challenge because you want to give
      more and can’t afford it. This past year, the kids and I bought
      my daughter-in-law a pretty tin we’d picked up from the dollar
      store for 50 cents. We filled it with a small amount of Oreos
      and four packages of two flavors of cappuccino. The kids
      enjoyed the rest of the Oreos, and I got the other four packs
      of cappuccino, which I had bought at the dollar store for $2.
      My daughter-in-law was dieting, so she didn’t want a large
      amount of temptation, but just enough to feel special. The
      Oreos cost $1.60. The entire gift was a stocking stuffer that
      cost–excluding what the kids took and the packages I took–

      I’ve often bought pretty baskets that can be used for
      decoration later and filled these with themes. One year, I
      created a Chinese cooking basket for one of my brothers.
      In the basket, I placed soy sauce from the Chinese market
      ($1.25 for a 24-ounce bottle), a package of chopsticks
      (these vary in price, depending on the kind of chopsticks
      you buy…from $1 for 50 pair to $5 a pair), the canned and
      dry ingredients toward a special dinner (for instance, water
      chestnuts, rice sticks or rice, chili sauce…all varying prices
      according to your budget) and a recipe that uses these
      ingredients with the addition of the meat and fresh veggies
      you would use. I also added a bottle of oyster sauce and
      a package of cornstarch. My total cost of this gift was

      For my other brother, I did an Italian gift basket with Roma
      tomatoes, tomato paste, imported spaghetti and imported
      parmesan and romano cheeses, a new grater, and some
      colorful cloth napkins.

      I’ve done other baskets with a pretty bathroom in mind–
      gift soaps and bath oils, pretty guest towels or washcloths,
      a scented candle in a votive, and body lotion.

      You can also do baskets with spices and kitchen towels.

      3) Baby tee shirts are super for gifts! Just those plain
      white or pastel ones with the overlapped shoulders. If
      you enjoy embroidery–or if you’ve never tried and have
      always thought about it, this is the perfect way to do it!
      If you know the gender of the baby, you can coordinate
      the colors, of course, and style the tees for either sex.
      If you don’t know, of course, you’ll want to keep it more
      simple. These normally come in packages of threes,
      and each tee can be decorated with a simple chain
      stitch along the edges of the overlaps and the neckline.
      For little girls, you might want to make simple daisies,
      using one color for the petals and a different color for
      the centers. You can also embroider the name of the
      baby across the front.

      4) I bought some beautiful closeout angora and acrylic
      yarn at the dollar store for $2 for 2 skeins, and I knitted
      a tube scarf, using circular needles and just knitting a
      simple knit stitch throughout. I finished it off with fringe
      on both ends. I like long fringe and used about 10-inch
      lengths so the fringe was 5 inches long)

      5) Two afghans I made that were big hits were made out
      of the cheap huge skeins of yarn and felt. You need to
      plan this out, but again, it’s simple straight knitting that
      works well on size 8 or 10 needles. I knitted a flag one
      year, using the red and white for the stripes and the blue
      for where the stars would go. Using a piece of cardboard,
      I made a star to use as a pattern and then traced the
      pattern on to white felt. I did the flag as a Betsy Ross,
      requiring only 13 stars so I didn’t drive myself nuts! lol

      The other afghan was for my oldest brother, and that too
      was a flag, of the US Marines. The entire flag was done
      in red, and I found the emblem for the Marine Corps and
      enlarged it by tracing the one I found and then slightly
      extending it repeatedly so it looked like several emblems,
      each larger than the last. It was time-consuming, but by
      doing it this way, I was able to re-create the emblem by
      hand without losing anything, and then when I got it to the
      right size, I traced it to cardboard, cut it out, and then did
      the final trace on the felt, this time using gold.

      I fringed both flags on three sides, and both my brother and
      the other person for whom I’d created these flags were
      beside themselves with delight. Each of these cost me under
      $15 to make, and the person for whom I’d made the Betsy
      Ross flag was offered $150 for hers. She refused the money.

      6) Consider making salt dough gifts if you live in a dry area.
      They can be successful in humid areas if you take extra
      precautions, including sealing them (which you should do as
      a general principle anyway) completely, and these are great
      for one of a kind gifts that can be used for wall hangings or
      ornaments. I’ve often given these as gifts to very special
      teachers for some of my sons. If anyone is interested in my
      expanding on this idea, I’ll be happy to, but I think I’ve kind
      of taken enough space for now.


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      I was looking for Christopher Allan designed gifts. Does anybody know whether any corporate gift offers are available online ?

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      @ricky 253861 wrote:

      I was looking for Christopher Allan designed gifts. Does anybody know whether any corporate gift offers are available online ?

      Never heard of C. Allan; corporate gifts are rather expensive, you could make your own gift baskets for a fraction of the cost though!
      Or if you really want to buy multiple gifts, we recommend Amazon.

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      Thanks for the recommendation. I found the online store.

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