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      Nath/Fauna wrote:
      baskets for sale. You won’t believe the price!!! $1!!! You read that
      right, $1!! I was thinking of picking a few up just to make some bathroom
      gift baskets for this xmas!>>

      That’s a fantastic deal, Nath! Here are a few more things you can
      do with those wicker waste baskets:

      For the student in your life, you might want to consider buying
      a ream of paper for his or her printer (I’ve seen them as low as
      $3), a nice mouse pad for about $6, some report binders for
      class assignments (You can usually find up to 3 or even 4 for
      $1 at the dollar store.), and other desk needs to add up to $15
      (a wide range of things you can get, depending on where you
      go, from less than 50 cents to a couple of dollars). If you want
      to add a bit more, a gift like this might be topped off nicely with
      a few coupons for the latest McDonald’s specials.

      For a gift headed for a kitchen, consider some of those pretty
      kitchen towels you can snatch up for a song at the dollar store
      ($3 for 3), perhaps some nice plaques for the kitchen, anything
      kitchen related that you know the receiver doesn’t have. Last
      year, I did a kitchen gift for my 18-yo son who has his own place.
      He *loves* black, so I concentrated on the black for the theme.
      I found a wonderful modern salad bowl at the dollar store–in
      black, of course–as well as 4 black-stemmed goblets with
      iridescent bowls. The goblets fit perfectly in the salad bowl and
      made the ideal gift, especially since his girlfriend bought him a
      set of dishes all in…black. If I could have afforded it at the time,
      I’d have added the matching juice glasses I found, but money
      was excruciatingly tight, so all I could swing was the $5 that set
      cost me. It was one of his favorite gifts.

      Another kitchen basket, btw, can be filled with a box of pancake
      mix or a special loaf or two of some nice breads (date, banana,
      zucchini–homemade, perhaps?), a pound of gourmet coffee
      and/or tea, a couple of jars of fruit preserves and fresh oranges
      for morning juice. If you opt for the pancake mix over the breads,
      see whether you can find a nice pan for those pancakes, and the
      syrup, of course!

      For the little artist in your life, consider filling one of those
      wicker baskets with paper–construction, drawing and art paper
      –crayons, glue, glitter, and so on, making it all age-appropriate,
      of course.

      Congratulations on your great find, Nath!

      Michelle (Y. in upstate New York)

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Gift ideas