Gift Idea: Money Bouquet

Holidays & Special Occasions Graduation Gift Idea: Money Bouquet

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      Giving money?!
      How about as a rose! Or a Bouquet…

      Dollar Bill Roses

      5 New $1 bills (you can certainly use larger bills if you’re the big
      spender type!)
      Floral wire
      Floral tape
      2 or 3 silk leaves
      Toothpick (for curling)

      With all 5 bills lying President’s face UP, curl all four corners up
      on all 5 new bills. Curl up towards President’s face. The curl is the
      outside of the rose.

      Turn bills over onto back and fold in half. Crimp fold with fingers
      and place a piece of floral wire across fold and bring under fold and
      twist to form a stem. Do this to all 5 bills to form 5 buds.

      With thumb, cup each bill inside to form into a petal-like shape.

      Form rose by beginning with one wired bud. Add second and third bud
      back to back around first, covering open sides of first bud. Add last
      two buds back to back with first bud.

      Twist all wires together to
      form one long stem.

      Wrap florist tape from top of rose to about 3″ down.

      Attach leaves by wrapping florist tape around their stem and then
      continue wrapping tape to end of wire.

      Give to that special someone. Makes a great wedding, birthday or
      graduation gift!
      submitted by Jean

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Holidays & Special Occasions Graduation Gift Idea: Money Bouquet