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      Teacher Thank You

      Thank you Mrs. ______ for the job that you’ve done.
      You’ve enriched our lives, each and every one.
      I’ll think of you fondly with each passing year
      As I build on the foundation that you started here.

      Flower Pot of Thanks

      Bake and frost flower-shaped cookies. Line a terra cotta pot with raffia or a calico napkin. Print this and attach to a plant poke to tuck in with floral cookies for Teacher Appreciation Day …

      Teachers plant seeds
      That grow forever!

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      I really like this idea I wish I would get one of these from my student (who just happens to be my son lol) maybe his mom will make me one ??? lol !!!!

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      That’s funny! LOL! 😉

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      incheck, poor homeschool teachers get cheated yet do so much hard work.

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      Love this idea. May do this for Christmas this year.

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      Excellent idea!!! So many teachers though!!!

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      That is such a great idea, I always struggle with ideas for teachers rock

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      I am giving my son’s teachers Bath & Body works antibacterial soap. It is on sale right now 4/$10. I would love to get some from anybody.

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      Awesome gift ideas–for all teachers.

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