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      I think all the suggestions here have been good. I have always used over

      the counter items. Most importantly you need to get a fine tooth comb and

      thoroughly comb through her hair. RECHECK and treat in 3 weeks when the

      eggs hatch. Everyone that is close to her in the house(within 3 feet)

      should be treated as well as anyone who she shares sleeping areas with or

      stuffed animals. Lice cannot grasp on to hair that is much shorter than ½

      inch in length so a nice clipper cut always works for the boys. Try to keep

      her hair in braids or close to her head in a bun or French braid and she

      probably won�t get them again. Clothing and bedding needs to be washed in

      hot water and/or with bleach. Upholstered fabric furniture that is

      frequently used needs to be sprayed with something that will kill the eggs

      (Flea sprays will usually work). I know that you don�t want to use

      chemicals but there is nothing worse than going through all of this and

      having them return. Any ribbons or hair ties, combs and brushes need

      cleaning with bleach or vinegar as well. Just use your head, if it�s


      around her head or hair it probably needs to be cleaned with bleach or

      vinegar or heat treated (dryer for at least 45 mins.) Those things that

      can�t be cleaned/heat treated should be bagged and for at least three


      not used. You should make sure that any friends parents know so that they

      can treat as well. I know of a family at my work that got these critters

      back more than 20 times because they skipped steps. Their little girl has

      been removed from the family by the state because of continued lice

      infestation (medical neglect). I just think it�s easier to take the


      steps the first time and get it right. Good luck!!:)

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