Getting Rid of Ladybugs

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      Here in Minnesota we have a ton of these little critters coming in all

      the time. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of year it is. My

      solution to it is to keep a ziploc bag on my counter that I put them

      in. When I see them I grab my baggie and go get ’em. I just seal them

      up and when my bag is full or getting gross I toss it.

      Sometimes in the early Spring there are a lot of them out and about.

      In these instances I usually put a cotton ball soaked in rubbing

      alcohol in the baggie. Kills them off faster and I don’t have to fight

      them crawling out of the bag.

      And I’m not sure about everywhere else in the world but here in my

      little rural area of Minnesota we call these little devils Asian

      Beetles. They’re not considered a lady bug at all.

      Goddess Blessing To All, Forbidnlover (AKA~Jennie)

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