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      Ooooh I am so aggravated with Internet Explorer! Everytime I go to post it logs me out, the darn browser likes to clear the cache settings. So here’s a tip I discovered, if you are using Internet Explorer to browse the site you must click on the “remember me” button if you plan on posting or commenting or you will get logged out after you take the time to reply, and you’ll lose your reply/comment.

      in short- if you’re using internet explorer and you login, check the remember me box to save your self some frustration.

      or better yet, do what i just did and switch to firefox!

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      Thanks for the tip Drea! Hopefully, you solved your problem. It is strange how different browsers work on different sites.

      Thanks; Virginia

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      I was having the exact same problem until I saw the solution and checked the button. Thanks for saving me the frustration lol. I thought it was the site logging me out!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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Board Rules & Regs Tech Support Getting Logged out IE