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      A great way to add the scents of the season is to get some of the

      pinecones that are scented with cinnamon (or make your own) and place

      them in a basket near the entrance so it is the first thing people


      Another cheapo way to make things smell yummy if you do not have time

      to bake, heat up some store bought rolls or cinnamon buns in the oven

      when you know you are expecting company, add some butter and icecream

      to the cinnamon rolls and YUM…

      — In, Heather Herber



      > Some quick tips I wrote up last year on how to get into the

      Christmas spirit- for those who want to, anyway. 😉 enjoy!

      > Christmas Spirit


      > Christmas is coming. Let’s face it, we can’t stop it, and we

      can’t slow it down. It’s being pulled at top speed towards us with a

      steam engine run by elves.


      > Every store you shop at has aisles of Christmas decorations,

      candies, and gifts. Towns and shopping centers are already putting up

      the Christmas lights.


      > Give it another week, and individual houses will be doing the

      same. Yesterday, I saw a car with two Christmas tree’s strapped to

      the roof. Yes, Christmas is coming, quickly.


      > But what if you just are not “in the mood” yet? Well, here are

      some idea’s on how to set the mood in your house. These can be used

      all season long, during parties, while putting out the decorations,

      and much more.


      > First, put on some Christmas music. If you don’t have any (and

      really, most people don’t), then find some- online, at the grocery

      store, at Good Will, heck, I bought a Christmas CD yesterday for $.49

      at the gas station! Ask friends for copies of any CD’s they might

      have, and burn a copy for yourself.


      > Once the music is playing, light some candles- pine scent,

      peppermint, or apples & cinnamon are all great winter scents. Spread

      them through out the house to spread the scent further. The Dollar

      Tree has fantastic scents for $1 per jar, or votive candles at 4/$1.

      > Next, bake something. It can be a loaf of bread, muffins,

      cookies, or heck, even cinnamon rolls. The scent of baked goods will

      fill the house, and it will just feel good. Not to mention getting to

      eat the goodies. 😉


      > Add to the whole set up a mug of hot cocoa, and if you like

      peppermint, stir it with a candy cane.


      > Now, you’ll really be in the mood for Christmas.




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