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      Thanks for some of your suggestions. Unfortunately, I’ve already

      tried most of them. I even bought a bread machine and had the same

      problem. I ended up with a little brown brick, so I got rid of it.

      I don’t live in what is considered a hight altitude and I’ve tried

      letting it sit in a warm oven, warm car, etc. It’s like I’m jinxed!

      — In, “Char” wrote:


      > What about not usingf warm water – but putting the bread in a warm

      place to rise.

      > I dunno – I use a bread machine and haven’t had any problems. I

      just dump everything in thr machine and set it to the dough

      setting. When done, dump the dough out, shape it, let it rise again

      for 30 mins to a couple of hours, then cook it.

      > Are you at a high altitude? You may need to use special

      instructions if you are.



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      > From: brown_eyed_girl375

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      > Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 7:34 AM

      > Subject: : Getting Bread to rise – need help


      > I have been trying to bake my own bread for awhile, and no matter

      what I seem to do I can not seem to get the bread to rise the way it

      is supposed to.


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