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      Working from home is a luxury many people aspire to; finding the right opportunity can be a challenge. GelMoment™ has worked very hard to create a home-based business model that will work for you, whatever your lifestyle.

      What’s special about GelMoment™? What does it offer?

      Those of you who are nail mavens know that gel polish is the way to go for a durable, fresh-looking manicure. Until now, this look could only be achieved by spending an hour at the salon, at a minimum cost of $30.00. Not everyone has the time or the money, and so many women settle for a quick-and-dirty home manicure with cheap polish from the pharmacy. GelMoment™ provides a :
       Solvent-free
       Odorless
       Eco friendly (uses one package instead of three)
       Non animal tested
       One-step
       Salon-quality
       Quick-drying gel nail polish

      without spending the time or expense on a manicurist. Get a perfect and professional gel polish in no time, and at any time that works for you!

      Why work with GelMoment™?

      GelMoment™ has spent the last two years examining the sell-from-home model, and has created a unique strategy to eliminate the challenges that come from traditional methods of selling from home.

      GelMoment™ Method

      Make money without making a single sale.

      Invite your friends to a relaxed, no-pressure “salon party.” At $10.00 each, your friends get a bargain manicure, and you get to showcase your product. When your friends buy a bottle to take home, they can credit that $10.00 toward the purchase of the bottle, and you generate revenue either way.

      Women do their nails on a regular basis. They want different colours for different occasions, or just for a change. With new colours every season, the value of the GelMoment™ experience almost guarantees repeat business.

      GelMoment™ focuses on the nail experience. With only six separate products, it’s easy to have everything in stock. Your customers never have to delay gratification to get the items they want.

      All products in the GelMoment™ line are $25.00 or less. Or guests can have a $10.00 manicure, and leave feeling like they had fun, and got a great deal.

      GelMoment™ offers an authentic party experience, where your guests will interact with each other as well as the product. You can even have parties with different themes– “Date Night,” “Professional Looks,” or something your friend’s will request. Your guests will leave after a fun evening with friends, and sporting a fresh new look.

      Very simple and easy to understand commission structure. No innuendo, but rather straight commission percentages that increase with rank.

      Tradional Method

      Invite friends to your home and try to sell them expensive goods. This can create discomfort when people feel obliged to buy products they can’t afford or don’t really need.

      Even if you’re successful with your first or second party, sales fall off when selling long-lasting products that are replaced infrequently, or perhaps never.

      Most companies carry an overwhelming line of products, which make it impossible for the seller to carry the entire line. This often necessitates special orders for customers, who could change their mind on delivery, leaving you with an unsold item and the burden of the cost.

      Most in-home parties rely on high-priced items that may make people reluctant to buy. Not everyone can afford a $78.00 face cream or $50.00 cake platter.
      Most “parties” are anything but– they are sales pitches and buying opportunities, and can be quite boring for attendees.

      Offers complicated commission setup, with terms that are difficult to understand both in language and structure.

      Partner up with GelMoment™ at the level that suits you best. Regardless of what you choose, ultimately YOU decide what products you want to buy, and how much you’re willing to invest.

      JOIN NOW

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