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      They are also offering a deal- spend $5 in the gas station on non-

      gas items (snacks, milk, food, drinks, etc), and you’ll get a coupon

      good for another $.05 off per gallon for the next fill up. Buy 6

      food club items, and you get a coupon good for either 1 free food

      club item OR $.10 off per gallon on your next fill up. All of these

      coupons are good for up to 10 gallons (so a max of $.50 or $1.00 off

      per gas fill).

      Also- you can stack the coupons. If you only need to get 5 gallons

      of gas, you won’t get the most out of the coupon. My husband’s car

      is what we drive the most (it’s an older escort and gets GREAT

      mileage), but it has a 10 gallon tank is all, so we won’t get the

      full value out of the coupon unless we coast in on fumes.

      So, since we only drive the van intermitently, I save all my coupons

      up to use when I need to fill the van up. Last week, gas was $2.84,

      and after the $.05 discount, and all the coupons I had saved up, I

      got 10 gallons of gas at $2.14/gallon. 🙂

      By the time we need to fill the van up, I usually have around $.25

      to $.45 off in coupons I’m sitting on.

      — In, libramommy66@…



      > We have speedway here in WV too…I didn’t know they did the 5

      cents off

      > gallon..BUT thats good to know..thanks..Gas here is down to


      > every penny counts..Thanks, LaRae


      > On 8/18/2007, “denhardobes” wrote:


      > >Hi all,

      > >

      > >I have a tip to share about saving some money as the pumps. We

      > >all know the price of gas is causing some pain but we have found a

      > >way to save. I am not sure how many of you have a speedway or

      > >marathon near you. Here in Ohio we have speedway. They have


      > >card where you earn points for buying gas or merchandise at the

      > >store. Currently they give 5 cents a gallon off for using the

      > >rewards card. (Not a credit card just a membership card you swipe

      > >before your purchase) Plus if you buy a gift card they give you


      > >off per $50. So here’s what we do…

      > >

      > >Go in buy the $50 gift card at $49 = $1 savings (plus swipe the

      > >rewards card to earn points for that purchase)

      > >

      > >Then go to the pump and use your gift card to buy the gas. Swipe


      > >rewards card to save the .05 cents per gallon. (You get double


      > >rewards points for the same $50)

      > >

      > >Those rewards points earn you free gas.

      > >

      > >When I think of some more tips I will send them your way. Good


      > >to all of you.

      > >

      > >-Nicole

      > >


      > libramommy66


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