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      We have speedway here in WV too…I didn’t know they did the 5 cents off

      gallon..BUT thats good to know..thanks..Gas here is down to 2.79..but

      every penny counts..Thanks, LaRae

      On 8/18/2007, “denhardobes” <> wrote:

      >Hi all,


      >I have a tip to share about saving some money as the pumps. We

      >all know the price of gas is causing some pain but we have found a

      >way to save. I am not sure how many of you have a speedway or

      >marathon near you. Here in Ohio we have speedway. They have rewards

      >card where you earn points for buying gas or merchandise at the

      >store. Currently they give 5 cents a gallon off for using the

      >rewards card. (Not a credit card just a membership card you swipe

      >before your purchase) Plus if you buy a gift card they give you $1

      >off per $50. So here’s what we do…


      >Go in buy the $50 gift card at $49 = $1 savings (plus swipe the

      >rewards card to earn points for that purchase)


      >Then go to the pump and use your gift card to buy the gas. Swipe the

      >rewards card to save the .05 cents per gallon. (You get double the

      >rewards points for the same $50)


      >Those rewards points earn you free gas.


      >When I think of some more tips I will send them your way. Good luck

      >to all of you.





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