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      The main reason I keep my gas tank at no less than half a tank is because in the last few years I have seen a couple of those “gas panics” where its reported on the news that a gas pipeline has broken and prices are going to skyrocket. Everyone rushes out to buy gas thinking there is going to be a shortage. The last time it happened here was during Katrina, when it was reported on the local newsthat there was goingto be ashortageand several stations in the state got in a lot of trouble for gouging.

      I dont ever want to be in a spot where I absolutely need gas because my tank is emptyand have to deal with that madness. Instead, I know that I have at least half a tank and I wait to see what is really happening. So far, its always turned out to be a false alarm.

      Its only happend twice in the last few years, but the problem is we wont get any warning as to when its happening again.

      I have a friend that ran out and filled up her gas tank during the last “crisis”. She waited two hours in line and paid $6 a gallon. By the time she got home the “crisis” was over.

      The media had created a frenzy and people paniced.

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