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      I am writing regarding the gas price thing. One thing that I have done is make it a point to only go out once a week. I used to go out on Wed. and take food to my dad who is a widower. Then I would go out again on Friday to lunch with my mom. Now when I go out on WEd to take my dad food. I meet my mom for breakfast. Breakfast out is cheaper than LUnch and I save on gas.

      I will probably not go back to school this fall. I told DH I am going to wait until the economy improves. My schooling is really just a hobby for me right now anyway. I am a full time homemaker and barring any serious future problems intend to remain one. Of course if I should encounter such a problem I could go to school then. It is sad, I attend a community college and many others are talking about dropping out because they just can’t afford it anymore. Even with student aide, etc. Between the books and gas it is getting harder. Most of the students I encounter are self supporting and many have young families.

      DH got a new job closer to home so his gas bill is now about $12 a week. Not as good as the ten that one person mentioned but our public transportation here is just not very good. The buses don’t run early enough to get anybody to work at a normal hour and they run like every two hours so it would take dh like two hours to get to work 8 miles away even if they did run early enough.

      It is true that in European countries they pay much more for gas than we do. But theygenerally have much better public transportation so for many of them cars are a luxury. I don’t know about Canada. I know they pay more for gas but I don’t know how their public transportation system is.

      One serious problem in our area is that the roads are just not designed to be safe for walking. No sidewalks or cross walks.

      When we visited my MIL in MiamiI couldn’t believe how nice their Public Transportation system was and how the streets had bike lanes and sidewalks etc. She pays $1600 a year just in insurance for her one car. Gas and food prices are much higher in South Florida than they are here too. If I lived there I wouldn’t bother to own a car.

      Tracy in VA

      Back to work after baby– how do you know when you’re ready?

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