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      I’ve gotten to the point where I will not go to a

      grocery store or to a bank unless it is on the way to

      and from work. I have two main routes that I can

      travel home so whatever I want to go to is usually on

      that route.

      One of the things that is really bad though is that I

      need to get my autistic teen into the community more

      especially when I am shopping and so forth. However,

      that doesn’t really work with the gas situation now

      because after I get home (he comes home on the bus) I

      don’t really want to get back and back track to the

      grocery store.

      Usually on Saturdays we stay at home and do not go

      anywhere if possible – working in the yard or

      something of that sort. However, if we do go out, we

      combine every kind of trip there is along that trip

      and are usually gone most of the day.

      What I’m wondering are people who do free cycle and

      garage sale shopping. How are you handling this kind

      of thing? Have you stopped doing this as much as you

      have in the past due to gas prices?




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