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      Maybe once in awhile walk to work. If you walk fast enough that is about a

      45 minute walk. Perfect in April/May weather where I live. I would love a

      45 minute walk once in awhile. Currently I walk only 25 minutes to work,

      and on the weekend for fun I normally take 60-90 minute walks or longer with

      the kids around town (We have got their endurance up). When doing that I

      am sure to do good stretches when done since you may need them.

      Just an idea,


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      From: “Jennifer Huff”

      >I agree that we will have to all make an effort to use less, which is

      > harder than it seems. I walk to whatever I can: kids’ school, kids’

      > ballet, karate, library. But, certain things I have to drive to: work

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