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      I agree that we will have to all make an effort to use less, which is

      harder than it seems. I walk to whatever I can: kids’ school, kids’

      ballet, karate, library. But, certain things I have to drive to: work

      (3 miles each way), grocery store, parent’s home (8miles). What we

      can do, is make sure to combine errands. For example, when I go to

      the grocery store, I fill up on gas at the cheap gas station. If I

      need anything at cvs or the dollar store, they are right there. but i

      will also not go to certain places b/c i don’t have the gas for it. i

      won’t go to target unless i have other errands near there, which

      works out well, b/c i am saving money by not going to target. combine

      things if you can.

      jennifer in ma

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