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      The president can’t do anything about it and shouldn’t it’s really an economic

      issue part of the free market. We need innovators and inventers and

      capitalists investing in green markets. Think about this if you had people

      putting tons of effort into getting smaller cars like the other countries in

      Europe most of us would be using 1/2 or more of the gas we currently do. I was

      in Italy and the gas prices in 1999 were around $4 a gallon and everyone had

      little cars.

      Think about it we have outsourced our factories to other countries, and the

      other country workers make more money after a while. They want better

      transportation, then they want to drive and get a vehicle, then more and more

      people are driving and then the demand for oil increases.

      I would begin working and thinking about investing in smaller 100% electric

      vehicles. There is going to be alot of companies coming along trying to reduce

      reliance on gas by getting more and more electric vehicles. Keep an eye on

      them. I think most people in 4 years will be buying smaller vehicles.

      Here’s an example of a vehicle I’m planning on buying in the next 3 years since

      I live 1.5 miles from where I work. I’m reducing my consumption of gas by using

      my vehicle alot less regularly.few years. – Zenn Motor Company.

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      Gas is $3.65 per gallon. It went up in 3 days. Stephanie said she is calling the


      I can not believe that there is not something that can be done. This is just

      wrong. I am just glad I am a SAHM now and really dont travel much.

      I told my 16 year old that he needs to get a job,. if he wants me to run him all

      over he will have to help pay for gas. they just dont get. mom has a full tank

      so she go everywhere!!!

      i can not wait until he gets a car and pays his own way. then we will see how

      much he is home.

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