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      I'm at $50 a week budgeted. It remains to be seen if we can make it work.

      We are cutting as much as possible. If the bus goes there or we can walk, we do. Our fuel budget goes to picking up kids from former spouses – they are each responsible to pick up kids and then we have to do our half and pick them up on the return.

      I would put them on a bus if one spouse was cooperative (NOT) and if the other set of kids were a bit older / neighborhood better.

      Future times – I think China has gone to bicycles? Mopeds? Better public transportation would be awesome too.

      On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 4:38 AM, Mike Hurst <> wrote:

      I only use 10 bucks a week in gas so I am doing my part. How many people can say thats all they use in gas a week?

      On 4/21/08, chad wieberg[/b] <> wrote:

      I think we are going to have to come together and reduce the usage. Each person will have to reduce the total amount consumed, then and only then can we make an impact.

      For instance I have never carpooled. Didn't want the trouble, I have started this week.


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      Please tell me, anyone, How can we come together and bring the price of gas down? I am spending about 25% of my check just getting to work. This is going beyond absurd!!!
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