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      Yesterday I got a fill up of 10 gallons for $31.56. We don’t have public transportation, I plan my trips,make a list for stops,fill up in the am,drive under the speed limit,ck tire pressures,keep the trunk empty,use the additive to the gas,also use the additive to gas for cleaning the carburator,(I think this has helped my car the most and only a $1) I use premium gas, my car is a small compact -10 yrs old ,has 58,000 miles.I live in town and everything is close and convientent except our church and may have to chg locations.

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      Are there any carpooling or vanpooling opportunities where you live? In my area you can call 511 and get information about how to sign up for one. Do you live close enough to work to bike or walk?

      What about taking public transportation? Even if you do one or more of

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