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      Are there any carpooling or vanpooling opportunities where you live? In my area you can call 511 and get information about how to sign up for one. Do you live close enough to work to bike or walk?

      What about taking public transportation? Even if you do one or more of these options only once or twice a week it will cut your costs a bit.
      My husband found a co-worker with whom he carpools, though right now he pays the gas but reaps the benefit of a speedier commute in the carpool lane. We keep crunching the numbers to determine if it’s time to buy a hybrid car, but so far we’re still getting good enough gas mileage that switching wouldn’t be right financially.

      And he commutes almost 100 RT daily. He also telecommutes from home 1x/week so that also helps keep the gas prices at bay somewhat. But where we live prices are now over $4/gallon!

      It’s crazy!
      I doubt the price of gas will come down much if at all. Did it come down (or stay down) after the last oil shortage in the 70s? Did it during/after the mideast war when Bush Sr was president?

      It just keeps going up up up and I think we all need to figure out how to use alternative transportation & more fuel efficient & alternative fuel cars.
      Thanks,Stephanie****Please tell me, anyone, How can we come together and bring the price of gas down? I am spending about 25% of my check just getting to work. This is going beyond absurd!!!

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