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      lol, it was Mrs. Hagarty, my mom’s friend who told me that. There was no arguing

      with her. She’s now 85 and just recently beat two or three serious bouts of

      cancer. We joke that she scares God so He is keeping her down here lol.

      Like I said, I had nothing scientific to go on, just something I heard 30 or so

      years ago and always remembered. Not that I always manage the full tank. I

      actually ran out one night a couple of months ago!! I was VERY happy to have a

      cellphone :]


      From: Wayne Benner

      Date: 2008/03/04 Tue PM 04:40:35 CST


      Subject: Re: : gas prices

      Sounds like an urban legend, Donna.

      You don’t, however, want to let your tank go below

      one-quarter full.

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