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      this might not make any sense but I was told many years ago when I first started

      driving to keep the gas level above half. The way it was explained to me was to

      visualize a bathtub. When the tub is full or has a good amount of water in it,

      it drains slowly. When the water level is very low, it goes down the drain much


      I will be honest, so please don’t spam me. I have NO idea if this is true. It

      just is something I learned as a kid and it always stuck in my mind. I’m a

      visual learner so that analogy made sense to me. And, it definitely seems to me

      the gas goes down considerably slower when I have good amount of it in the tank.



      From: Carole Durand <>

      Date: 2008/03/03 Mon AM 08:11:08 CST


      Subject: : gas prices

      Okay, I’ll bite: how do you save money on gas by not letting your tank

      go below 1/2? I would think that keeping it below 1/2 would be better,

      because you’re carrying less weigh, and you can still improve your

      dollar average by stocking up when prices drop greatly. Very

      interested – I love to save on my car’s gas, LOL.

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