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      I went on a web search for hypermiling that gave me ideas on how to

      stretch my gas dollar. Couple good ideas out there, and a couple that

      are over the top, but I do enjoy trying something new, LOL.

      Personally, I put 3 ounces of acetone in my tank for every ten gallons

      gas. I don’t buy expensive gas. Between doing this, pumping up my

      tires, and not driving like a maniac any longer, my gas mileage jumped

      from 10 mpg to over 15 mpg. I was very pleased. Do your own research,

      however. There are gadgets you can buy on eBay as well, but I haven’t

      done this, yet. Have fun! Once you get hooked on putting the oil

      sheiks on a pb and j diet, you really can’t get away from it. I

      switched cars, by the way. My “new” ’97 Toyota Corolla gets 28mpg

      without the acetone, and 34 with.


      Carole, the fear of walleyes, everywhere….

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