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      We combine trips and carry a cooler in the car. It helps a lot. Instead of

      running to the grocery store, back home to unload the car, get everyone back

      inside, in the car seat, back on the road to the next store, we just keep going.

      In this area, usually, you can get everything in one or two-three stores that

      we frequent regularly anyway. I get out a notebook and go through the Sunday

      paper. I write down things that we need, things that are on sale to pick up

      during the week rather than waiting until another time to get, groceries, etc.

      I carry that list with me. It is just a small steno type notebook that easily

      fits into my purse/tote and I carry it with me when I am on the bus to work, at

      my desk at work (something may cross my mind, which I will add to the list), and

      into the stores with us. It fits into the diaper bag pocket too! 🙂

      So, if we are heading to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions AFTER we have

      hit the grocery store and we are still short on toliet paper, for example, but

      the pharmacy has it listed in this week’s flyer that it is on sale at a great

      price, instead of hitting the drive thru to pick up the prescriptions, I will

      make a point to go inside and get the T.P. and the prescriptions. Combined

      trips. I don’t have to make a special T.P. run to the store.

      The list helps me to 1) stay on task; 2) not get distracted by the other crap

      stores place trying to catch my eye and 3) not forget something that is on the


      Just because it was not at the grocery store, we still needed t.p., and since

      we are already on the way to the pharmacy and I have already noted in the

      notebook that Walgreens/CVS, etc. has T.P. on sale this week, I can plan to go

      inside and get it.

      On longer trips, for instance, we eat breakfast at home, then are out and

      about for snack time and/or lunch, we will pack a lunch too. It goes into the

      cooler in the back of the car OR into a smaller lunchbox with one of the

      re-useable frozen box things that we use daily for taking our lunches to work.

      It works great. Also, it saves us not only $$$$ eating at the various fast food

      joints/mall places (most of which our son will not eat anyway); it is better for

      our health (cut out that greasy, deep fried stuff when we can – every

      improvement helps – we aren’t perfect, but we are improving); and we don’t have

      to stand in those long lines, particularly on sale days at the malls OR

      holidays. I even made a thermos of hot flavored coffee when we went to our

      local outdoor Christmas lighting gathering over the holidays. There were

      vendors there selling a cup of hot chocolate for $3.75; roasted nuts for $3-10;

      cookies for $3 a piece. Get real.


      velinabowen <> wrote:

      I heard on the news last night (not that I believe everything I hear

      but this sounds possible) that gas could hit $4.00 a gallon.

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