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      I used to drive around all the time until this last year or so as the price approached the $3 mark in my area. If I NEED to get gas & I’m near a station whose price I don’t like, I’ll just get about $10 worth & wait until I get home to look up on where the cheapest one in my area is. As long as I remember, I’ll check prices before going out, I can get good gas prices of around $2.79/gal. I don’t go too far for it either. Plus, I drive an economy 4 cylinder car which helps. Lynne

      Karen Pierce wrote: They’ve been saying the $4 a gallon by summer threat for the last three years. I’ll believe it when it happens. If people would conserve gas and use less of it – even if everyone used a gallon less per week – you’d see such a stockpile of gas sitting at the refineries that the prices would plummet at the pump. But since most people still use gasoline as though it were 25 cents a gallon, that’s not going to happen. KarenP

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      The way I save at the pump is I only let the tank go to 1/2 a tank then I fill it up again…….seems to work for me Our gas prices in the burbs of Chicago Illinois are $3.19 a gallon. Heard on the news last night that they are
      going up to $4.00 a gallon by summer Kelly in IL

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