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      Yea I understand that my husband works in the tile businesses so he has to go all over the place and he puts about 20 dollars a a day in his truck that adds up to 120.00 a week thats like over 400 dollars a month on just gas plus about 1500 dollars in bills not including between 100-150 on grocery’s. This makes it harder for people to live these days when they need to cut back on things just so they can make it to work everyday plus get errands done.

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      Boy I would love an answer to this also! Ihave a 2001 Dodge Ram also andwow that is a horrible gas guzzler.We are at $3.10 (I think) this morning and”they” are saying $4.00 by “spring”…. .that is like next month!! I am quite concerned about this whole fuel cost thing.”They” are also saying that commodities are supposed to sky rocket by this summer, how on earth are regular families supposed to make it. I already work two jobs and my husband runs a lumber yard, we are barely scrapping by as it is, when it gets worse I don’t know what we will do! I am just going to believe that everything will be ok and have faith in God! What else can we do.

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      Here in middle Tennessee gas prices are at 3.08 what an out rage for
      working people and people with cars that don’t get good gas mileage
      like my husband and his new 99 dodge pick up truck. Any one know how
      to save at the pump and get better mileage out of there car? What is
      every one else paying at the pump please tell were you from so we can
      what places coast less or more .

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