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      Gas price search engines: ( gas search)

      Hints to make your gas last longer:

      • No jackrabbit starts (don’t do 0 to 60 in 5 seconds)
      • Coast to the light – (don’t keep your foot on the gas until you have to put the breaks on)
      • Set the pump to the lowest notch when filling the tank – when it goes in slower it fills the tank more.
      • not applicable now, but when it gets warmer – fill up in the morning – gas expands with heat.
      • Don’t wait until your tank empt light comes on, full up at about half way. The gas vaporizes easier the less amount of gas then is in the tank. (I know I said that awkwardly – but you know what I mean)
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        Here in SE Houston, I paid $2.91 yesterday – but most places are around $3.03

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        Any one know how teal;”> to save at the pump and get better mileage out of there car? What is teal;”> every one else paying at the pump please tell were you from so we can teal;”> what places coast less or more

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