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      My hubby has been a volunteer all his life, as have I. We have been

      involved in Academic Decathlon for 20 years. He has been on the

      School Board for 12 years, the county education committee, and lots

      of other volunteer work. I have been a volunteer EMT for 18 years,

      pto, seniors, and church work. not once have we been paid for this.

      all our expenses for travel, motels, time, etc came out of our own

      pockets. i feel insulted, as do many others for this blanket

      statement. anna

      most elected officials do not have ‘billions of dollars from their

      speciality’. only the ones who love the tv cameras.

      — in, Sue Bogert



      > Why our elected officials who have probably billions of dollars

      from their speciality (before election) do not take a 1/2 income

      paycut. This would create more monies for necessary programs (like

      education and fixing roads, etc.). It would allow us to cut taxes.


      > I always a public offical (servant) means no pay. Doing this as

      a volutary contribution to the greater good.

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