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      Friday we also had no gas at one of the local RaceTrac station (We are also in ga, locatedone hour north of atlanta) and the local qt was swarming with people in a panic. later in the day things were normal, and all stations had gas, although gas went up to about $3.70 for regular.

      I needed gas, but tried to not add to the panic by filling up- I just got my $20 worthand hoped for the best.

      Lisa G.

      — On Thu, 5/8/08, Jacqui Caruso wrote:

      Last night I was downto my last bar of gas on my way home from church so I stopped at the convenience store my dh works pt for and half of their tanks were empty. The manager said the store across the street were totally out so I made it “just in time”. Gas up here last night at 7pm was up to $3.84 for the cheap grade.

      Jacqui in ne ga.

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