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      I read this somewhere. The cost of oil is traded on

      the commodities market, pretty much like the stock

      exchange but instead where the cost,of crude oil ( or

      gas as we know it) is bidded on. Sometimes those bids

      are highly inflated to produce better results to the

      shareholders. Some of those shareholders ( believe it

      or not) may be us ( in our retirement funds). The

      cost of crude oil is effected by the stuff that

      happens all over the world such as war, storms,

      hurricanes, production of oil etc. Each month the oil

      commodities are bidding on the price is set for the

      next few months. This means that these prices we see

      now have been bidded on over the past few months.

      That is why a one day gas srike does not help anyone.

      We have become so dependent on foreign oil and I have

      to shake my head in dispair every time I hear

      potential presidents try to fool Americans into

      believing that they can effect the price of gas.

      These candidates know damn well that they cannot lower

      gas prices but they make us believe that they can….



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